Huo Feng 火风

The woken


Curator: Hua’er


      July in 2008, Huo Feng returned from Tibetan-inhabited area after meditated in seclusion. When I saw him that night, he shows me several treasures that you can’t help yourself to show great respect to them.

    LaSongJie, meditated in seclusion over several decades in a cave in Qinghai plateau. Everyday he needs to kowtow on a board that less than fifty centimeters wide and two meters long. The place for feet almost has been worn, and there are two deep dents left on the board because of the friction of his hands and arms. This is the third one he used for kowtow.     

    LaSongJie makes a present of the board to Huo Feng and said I have already finished two point three million Tibetan-kowtows on this board.

    JiHeXian, eighty-nine years old, meditated in seclusion over fifty years; include more than thirty years meditated in seclusion without distracting thoughts. He prays for all sentient beings and for the world peace. He makes a present of the fifty years’ beads to Huo Feng.

    JiaYangZuoMa, sixty-two years old, enter into the religion when she was fifty, meditated in seclusion for twelve years, has already finished kowtow for one point two million times and two hundreds and sixteen days without eating(it is a special practice way in Tibetan Buddhism, they only drink water when they meditate in seclusion in order to purify internal spirit.). Read Four Noble Truths and the Master Praised ZongKaBa four hundred thousand times , read JinGangShaCuiBaiZiMing and ManZhaLuo one hundred thousand times, and read LuDuMu Praise one hundred thousand times, read the Samantabhadra Bodhisattva three thousands six hundred times, read Six Proverbs one hundred million times. She takes off the beads from her wrist, with countless blessing, gives to Huo Feng.

    HuaQian, eighty-seven years old, enter into religion when he was seven. Meditated in seclusion from thirteen, and haven’t eating for more than four thousand days. Huo Feng asked him why he chooses to live like this; we got the same answer like JiHeXian—for the world peace, for all sentient beings. This yogi has four meters long hair, he opens his coiled hair and then cut one wisp send to Huo Feng, and he said they share the same fate with me, just like my life.

…… …… ……

    Huo Feng narrates such stories with tears. We still have such great accomplishment eminent in this Dharma-ending Age, I think the transmission of warmth and compassion, faith and benevolence, wisdom and grandeur is enough to open and enlighten the life for all human beings. Huo Feng could meet so many eminent and learned monks; no doubt he got the masters’ blessing.

    Huo Feng starts his photography career in 1980s. At that time he has his moment in music circle, so his performing career is widely known by people. In fact, he never stops photography. He shot landscape in an early stage, and gradually pay close attention to humanities, till the beginning of 2002, he totally devote himself to shoot the woken series. For this subject, he has worn out iron shoes-spare no efforts in searching for the eminent who solitude among the Tibetan plateau, then, because of minimal available light, crowded environments and time limited; without excellent photography skills, it is too hard to complete the subject.

    Huo Feng is a gymnosophist, too. Every year he spends at least three months for meditate in seclusion in Tibetan-inhabited area. Personal experiences and the greatness of many blessings, increase the fullness of Huo Feng’s life, and let him put his mind in the temple in his heart. Now, through the images, these great eminents lead us to the only correct approach of the supreme dharma, appreciating and exploring the dignity and the true meaning of life.

    Such is karma.

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