Jerry Spagnoli



526West 26th Street #1006, NewYork,NY 10001 (212) 924-5470

Education: San Francisco Art Institute, S.F. CA BFA Photography Mills College, Oakland CA MFA

Solo Exhibitions

2006 Imperial Calcasieu Museum, Lake Charles, LA

2006 The Benham Gallery, Seattle, WA

2001 Edwynn Houk Gallery, NYC, NY “ Daguerreotypes and Photomicrographs”



2009 Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA, "From Digital to Daguerreotypes"

2008 The Hartford University Art Gallery, Hartford CT "The Linked Ring"

2008 The Akron Art Museum. Akron, OH, "A Shared Vision"

2008 f295 Exhibition of Contemporary Photography, Pittsburgh, PA

2007 Massillon Museum, Massillon OH, "Darkrooms in a Digital Age"

2006 University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, "Out of the Darkness"

2006 ClampArts, New York, NY, "The Line Between Past and Present"

2006 The Stephen Kasher Gallery, New York, NY, "Sequence and Consequence"

2005 Indiana State University, “Footcandles: History and Process in Contemporary Photography”

2005 The Chrysler Museum, Norfolk VA, “Photography Speaks”

2005 Visual Arts Center, Richmond VA, “Recasting the Landscape”

2005 Ariel Meyerwitz Gallery, New York, NY, “Still Life”

2004 Plant Zero Art Center, Richmond VA, “On Message”

2004 The Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC “The Art of Craft”

2003 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA “Visions and Revisions “

2003 Nina Freudenheim Gallery, Buffalo, NY “Prima Facie ”

2002 The Sarah Morthland Gallery, NYC, NY “The Antiquarian Avant-Garde”

2001 The Art Institute of Boston, Boston, MA “Sun Works “

2001 Edwynn Houk Gallery, NYC, NY “Size Matters”

2001 The Nelson Atkins Museum, Kansas City MO, “The American Daguerreotype”

2001 Hammond Museum, North Salem, NY, “Many Moons”

2001 Boston University Art Gallery, Boston MA, “The Crafted Image”

2000 The Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan, WI, “Gardens of Pleasure “

2000 The Museum of the City of New York, “New York Now2000”

1999 Schneider Gallery, Chicago, IL “New Artists Old Techniques”

1999 Palace of Art, Budapest, Hungary “Art Expo”

1998 Sarah Morthland Gallery, New York, NY “Inventors and Alchemists”

1998 Federal Reserve Building, Boston, MA “Degrees of Embodiment”

1998 The George Eastman House, Rochester, NY “Substance Not Shadows”

1997 Mills College Art Gallery, Oakland CA 1997 Works, San Jose, CA “Evoking the Unexpected”

1997 Honolulu Academy of Art, Honolulu, HI “Imaging the Alter-Body”

1996 Atlanta History Center, Atlanta, GA “Contemporary Daguerreotypes”

1996 Robert Koch Gallery, San Francisco, CA “from the Vanished World series”

1996 The Daguerreian Society Web Site,

1995 The Oakland Museum of California, Oakland, CA “Architecture in Focus”

1994 The Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA “Man of the Year”

1994 The New England School of Photography, Boston, MA

1993 The George Eastman House, Rochester “The Daguerreotype Now and Then”

1992 Camerawork Gallery, San Francisco, CA “The Alchemy of Gesture”

1991 Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, CA “New Works in Photography”



Exhibitions Curated

2008 "The Linked Ring" Hartford University Art Gallery, Hartfod CT (essay)

2005 “Casting a New Light”, Multiple Venues, (Catalog essay)

2000 “ Mirror With a Memory : The Art of the Daguerreotype” Sarah Morthland Gallery,

New York, NY,

1995 “The Contemporary Daguerreotype” The Oakland Museum of California Monographs: Daguerreotypes, Steidl Verlag,

2006 American Dreaming, Steidl Verlag, Fall

2009 in collaboration with Chuck Close: A Couple of Ways of Doing Something, Chuck Close and Bob Holman, Aperture, New York, 2006 Chuck Close: Daguerreotypes, Demetrio Paparoni, Alberico Cetti Serbelloni Editore, 2002




The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH Musee Carnavalet, Paris, France The National Portrait Gallery, Washington DC The Chrysler Museum, Norfolk, VA The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY The Fogg Museum, Boston, MA The High Museum, Atlanta , GA The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY The Nelson Atkins Museum, Kansas City, MO The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL The Oakland Museum, Oakland, CA The New York Historical Society The Museum of the City of New York

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“World Trade Center Daguerreotypes”, Noah Adams

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Lectures and Presentations

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Boston, MA 2000 “Evaluating the Photography of Fact: Document, News and Art 1850-2000” New

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Workshops, Condon, Montana. 1998 “The Daguerreotype: A Workshop Demonstration”, California College of